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Southwest Portion of Town of Hamburg - 1866 (click to view larger version)
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1. Elliott Stewart was an 1835 graduate of Cazenovia Seminary where he majored in legal studies and was an attorney in Buffalo from 1846-1853.  Due to poor health, he retired to his farm on a large tract of land at the mouth of the 18-Mile Creek in the Town of Hamburgh.  Here he carried out notable experiments in the care and feeding of animals, published several books and became a non-resident professor at Cornell University.  His inventions included a "self-cleaning stable" and his famous octagonal barns.  He was also a member of the school board and the Lake View postmaster from 1872-1885.  See 

North of #1 is the location of Idlewood at the mouth of Eighteen-mile Creek. It
was organized in 1882 by the Idlewood Association, a group of wealthy attorneys from Buffalo who had a summer residences there, including Charles Daniels who founded the Buffalo Law School and was a justice on the New York Supreme Court and a US Congressman.  The Erie County Bar Association was formed in Idlewood in 1886 at the home of Franklin Locke.  See fork from Idlewood
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2. Jacob F. Schoellkopf was born in Wurttemberg, Germany, in 1819 and came to the US in 1841.  He settled in Buffalo in 1844 and established a leather business on Mohawk Street.  He purchased the tannery (originally built by Hiram Jones) in North Evans in 1853, improved the complex to include a sawmill and operated this business for 20 years, often working in the tannery along side his employees.  His son Jacob II owned a large estate which was called Seeheim near Lake Erie from which Schoellkopf Rd. gets its name.  See

3. J. (James) W. Walden was the only son of Ebenezer Walden (1777-1857) the mayor of Buffalo from 1838-39 who built a home on Lake Erie (at the foot of what is now Lake View Rd.) and gave the area the name Lake View.  The Walden-Myer families also built the Lake View Hotel in 1880.  James was the 1st postmaster of Lake View and held that position from 1868 until 1872.  James' sister Catherine married Albert James Myer, a famous Civil War physician and founder of the Signal Corps and the US Weather Service and after whom Ft. Meyer near Washington, DC is named.  See

4. Versailles Plank Rd. which originally ran from the Hamburg Turnpike (where Pleasant Ave. now meets Rt. 5) to Versailles, NY in Cattaraugus Co. was built around 1850 by Levi Brown, Rodney Smith and John Borland, Directors of the Hamburg-Versailles Plank Rd  Company.  See History of Versailles Plank Rd.
5. One of the 1st settlers of the Lake View area was Ebenezer Ames who traveled from Vermont sometime before 1807 and built a house on North Creek Rd. on a bluff overlooking 18-Mile Creek which the Ames family occupied for many years.  Jesse Ames kept a diary and amassed a large collection of old photos which provide an invaluable history of the area. See
6. The original location of Shaleton School #4 was on Pleasant Ave. close to the Buffalo and Erie RR crossing and Acme Shale & Brick Co.  In 1921 a new building was built on Heltz Rd. which still stands today.  See History of Frontier Central School District (pg. 23)

7. The original location of Wanakah School #5 was a log cabin on the Lake Erie side of the Hamburg Turnpike (now Rt. 5) built in 1795.  This was replaced by a brick building in 1845 in Cloverbank (on the Kelderhouse farm) and later by a one-room structure in 1900 which was enlarged at various times and served the area until 1993.  See History of Frontier Central School District (pg. 25)

8. The original building which later became Amsdell School #9 was built around 1810 (on the John Sly farm) near where Amsdell Rd. meets Pleasant Ave.  This was replaced with another structure in 1868 which was enlarged at various times and served as a school until 1958.  See History of Frontier Central School District (pg. 13)

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