Old Maps Of Lake View, NY (full-size)

Southwest Corner of Town of Hamburg - 1866 (provided by Gary Pericak)
Street names in RED and locations in BLUE have been added; Lake View Rd. had not been built yet in 1866.
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Descriptions of some Lake View residents taken from "History of Erie Co.", written in 1876
Charles Graham
Noted in census of 1880 with wife Elizabeth and son Charles
John, Joseph and Reuben Potter
Noted on map above and in censuses 1850-1930
Reuben's son Herbert Potter was the mail carrier in Lake View from 1910 to 1940

George Sikes
Noted on map above and in censuses 1850-1920
Elloitt Stewart
Noted on map above and in 1870 census

Lake View, NY in 1907  (provided by Stephen Greene, former resident)

Lake View, NY in 1908 
(provided by Gary Pericak)

Map of Lake View in 1938     History of Lake View



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