covering the years 1804 to 1924
Written in 1965 by Raymond V. Healy, BS, MS Ed
(provided by William Smith, former resident of Lake View)

based in part on interviews with:
Allen Ames, Richard Fierle, Leland Hazard, Shirley Hansen, William Heil and Donald Spittler

Map of Lake View, NY in 1907 (view more maps)
(provided by Stephen Greene)

Table of Contents & Formative Years up until 1892 

1. View info on Jacob Schoellkopf; Home by the Lake (Seeheim)
2. Read about Elliott Stewart's round barn in Round Barns of New York; Elliott Stewart is also listed as a 1835 graduate of Cazenovia Seminary and his book "Feeding Animals" published in 1883 can still be purchased;
3. View 1880 Census Record for Austin Ames, Elliott Stewart
4. View old maps of Lake View area with various locations marked.
5. Read how Lake View got its name.
6. See fork from Idlewood, a community developed on Lake Erie in 1882.
7. View some
descriptions of early settlers
The Bubble That Burst 1892-93 - 
    View more info on the Gatling Land Boom
Lake View on Wheels 1895-1903 
    1. View photo inside bicycle factory.
    2. View photo of Lake View in 1905 with historical notes
The Ties That Bind 1889-1924  
     View more info on the LVFire Association
     View photo/article on LV Congregational Church-1926

Read Interview with Donald Spittler conducted in 1987

W. S. Sikes Store in North Evans, NY - 1860

As noted by Ray Healy in his "History of Lake View" (above) Lake View was an outgrowth of North Evans, NY on the south side of 18-Mile Creek, which originally grew up around a tannery built by Hiram Jones in 1840 and later enlarged by Jacob Schoellkopf.

To the left is an old photo of some men in front of the W. S. Sikes Store in North Evans taken around 1860.  This store is noted on a 1880 map of North Evans, on the corner in the center of town.

According to the History of the City of Buffalo and Erie County, W. S. Sikes was also the clerk of the 2nd Congregational Church in North Evans from 1862 to 1884.

This photo sold for $2,425 on eBay on 12/30/08.

View list of people buried in North Evans Cemetery.

Maps of North Evans 1908  1938

Photo provided by Gary Pericak



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