The branch of the WARD family descended from Heman WARD (1822-1884) and Jane AVERY (1831-?) has ancestors who are members of the AVERY, PALMER, WARD, STONE, KELLOGG and NASH families who were some of the first settlers of America, some arriving not long after the Pilgrims landed at Plymouth Rock in 1620.

The NASH Family
 Thomas (1589-1658) and Margery BAKER (1590-1655) NASH are the progenitors of the Connecticut NASH line which are my ancestors. Thomas NASH came from Bewdley, Worcestershire, England and Margery BAKER of Hartfordshire, England was the daughter of Lord Nicholas BAKER (1568-1632) and Mary HODGETT (15699-1661). Some sources say that Thomas NASH arrived in Boston in July, 1637, on the ship "Hector". However there is no record of a Thomas Nash on that ship. Other sources say there was a Thomas Nash among the Pilgrims in the church in exile, at Leiden, Holland but based on that Thomas Nash's children, that also is not the man who is my ancestor.

It is generally accepted that my Thomas Nash sailed from London, sometime in 1639, arriving with his wife and five children in what was known as Quinnipiac Harbor. On the ship with the Nash Family was the Rev Henry Whitefield's party. The settlement was called Quinnipiac, after the tribe of Indians who were endemic to that area before the arrival of Europeans, as was the river which emptied into the harbor. The river is still called Quinnipiac. 

At about the same time, Rev John Davenport and his friend Theophilus Eaton sailed to America and made their way to Quinnipiac and joined the group who bought land from the Indians and founded New Haven, CT

Thomas NASH's signature can be found on the Fundamental Agreement that was signed by sixty-three individuals for the regulation of civil and religious affairs of New Haven. This agreement was signed 4 June 1639 and entered into the Book of Records. He was one of the 'after subscribers' by which forty-eight individuals signed the agreement. There is also record of Thomas being admitted to the General Court in 1640 and in 1651 as being appointed "keeper of the Towne Muskitts". His occupation was that of gunsmith.

Click here for Map of Ancient New Haven, CT (1641)
with Thomas Nash's name listed in Square #8

Thomas and Margery NASH had 5 children, Mary, John, Sarah, Joseph and Timothy, the latter of whom is noted as being from Bedford, England.  Lt. Timothy NASH (1626-1699) is listed in James Salvage's book "Genealogical Dictionary of the 1st Settlers in America" (1861).

Timothy married Rebekah STONE (1625-1709) in 1657 in Hadley, MA. Rebekah, noted as being from Stisted, England, was the daughter of the Rev. Samuel STONE (1602-1663) of Hertford, England and Hope FLETCHER (1602-1640).

The STONE Family
Samuel STONE arrived in Boston on the "Griffen" in 1633 with the Rev. Thomas Hooker, and together with other "men of means and high standing who were afterward prominent in colonial affairs" founded Hartford, CT (named after Samuel's birthplace in England).

Samuel, a graduate of Emmanuel College, Cambridge, England where he received his B.A. in 1624 and his M.A. in 1627, was the son of John STONE (1573-1640) of Great Bromley, England and Sarah ROGERS (1577-?) of Hertford, who was the daughter of the Rev. Richard (1551-1618) and Sarah (1533-?) ROGERS of Chelmsford and Wethersfield, England respectively. John Stone's ancestors can be traced back to William Atte STONE (1365-1431) of Ardleigh, England.

Samuel was made the 1st Teacher of the Church at Cambridge, MA until he departed with Hooker's party for Hartford, CT in 1636. His name, along with Thomas Hooker and John Haynes (who became Governor of MA and later CT) are listed as Residents of New Towne (later called Cambridge) from 1632-35.  He was also a chaplain in the Pequot War of 1637 and 2nd Pastor of the 1st Church of Hartford, CT. He is buried along side Thomas Hooker and John Haynes in Center Cemetery, Hartford, CT and is on a list of names of the Founders of Hartford, on an obelisk in the Center Church Burial Ground, erected 1837.

The KELLOGG Family
Joseph KELLOGG (1626-1707), born in Great Leighs, England was the son of Martin KELLOGG (1593-1671) and Prudence BIRD (1596-1671) and came to America in 1651. He operated the ferry between Hadley, MA and Northampton and served in various military capacities for over 29 years. His descendants founded the Kellogg Cereal Co.

Lt. John NASH (1667-1743), son of Timothy and Rebekah STONE NASH, was elected to the General Court of Hadley, MA from 1707 to 1731. In 1691 he married Elizabeth KELLOGG (1673-1750) also of Hadley, and daughter of Joseph KELLOGG (noted above) and Abigail TERRY (1646-1726) daughter of Stephen TERRY of Stockton, England and Joan HARDY of Windsor, CT.


The NASH Family (continued)

Moses NASH (1696-1760) son of John and Elizabeth KELLOGG NASH married Rebecca GRAVES (1700-1743) the daughter of John (1653-1730) and Sarah WHITE (1661-1741) GRAVES of Hatfield, MA in 1720. Moses died in Wintonbury, CT.

Moses and Rebecca's son Joseph NASH (1735-1771) born in West Hartford, CT married Anne SKINNER (1738-1803) daughter of Sgt. Isaac SKINNER (1691-1762) and Hannah MOORE (1697-1793) both of Windsor, CT. Joseph died quite young at the age of 36 also in Wintonbury, CT.

Joseph and Anne's son Rivera NASH (1767-1816) married Naomi AMSDEN (1773-1850) in West Hartford, CT in 1796. Naomi was born in Ashfield, MA of parents Marry WARD and Asahel AMSDEN (1741-1797), who was the 11th child of John (1686-1742) and Mary COWLES (1696-1757) AMSDEN of Deerfield, MA, the latter of whom was the daughter of Samuel COWLES and Sarah HUBBARD.

In Rev. Sylvester Nash's book, the following appears about Rivera NASH:
"Dr. Rivera Nash, son of Joseph and Anne Skinner Nash, of Wintonbury, CT, born 8 April, baptized 12 April, 1767, was taken at 2 years of age and brought up by a brother of Mr. Booth, who gave him a good English education; he afterwards, by his own effort, obtained a knowledge of Latin, and studied medicine, at first, with Dr. Ware, of Conway, Mass. and then with Dr. Bates (probably of Coleraine) Mass.

He married 12 October 1796, Naomi Amsden, of Ashfield, Mass., and settled, as a physician, first, in Heath, Mass., where his 2 eldest children were born (Duplisis & Rebecca). He then removed to Ashfield, and lived there several years, where the 3rd and 4th were born (Mary & William) and then he removed to Smithfield, near Cazenovia, N.Y. and resided some years in the village of Peterboro, where his 2 youngest children were born (Asahel & Maria).

Dr. Rivera Nash died in Woodstock, a village of Cazenovia, 16 February 1816 at age 49. After Dr. Nash's death his widow Naomi married Jared Moss. Mrs. Naomi Moss died in Vernon, Oneida, N.Y. 25 August 1850."

Naomi Amsden Nash Moss and Rebecca Nash Ward are buried in Christ Church Cemetery, Manlius, NY  

From the Gazetteer of Towns at: Rivera Nash is noted as the 3rd doctor to settle in Smithfield, NY:  Elijah Pratt was the first physician, in 1801 or 1802, as he was also the first male school teacher; Tabitha Havens being the first school teacher in town, having a school of five or six scholars, at Peterboro, in 1801. Rev. Joshua Johnson (Presbyterian) was the first resident preacher, in 1806. Nehemiah Huntington was the first lawyer, in 1807. Captain Daniel Petrie was the first postmaster, in 1807; John Downer and Peter Weber, the first blacksmiths, in 1802; Rueben Long built the first grist mill and first saw mill, in 1802; John Dourance was the second physician, in 1806, and Rivera Nash the third, in 1807.

Rivera's sister Anna NASH (1762-?) married Jonathan HASTINGS.  Rivera's brother Joseph NASH II (1760-1834) married Mary GILES (1762-1816) in 1783, settled in Charlemont, MA and had the following children:  Leva (1783-?) who married William FITCH; James (1786-1823); Anson (1796-1821); Mary (1799-?) who married Ebenezer BECKWITH; and Eunice (1801-?) who married Emory PACKARD and Rees JONES.

Records show that Rivera's daughter Rebecca NASH (1800-1853) married Heman WARD1(1789-1854) in Heath, MA in 1818. Duplisis NASH (1798-1862), Rebecca's brother settled in Peterboro, NY where he is buried with wife Nancy Hoffman (1804-1866) and 5 of their children. William W. NASH (1805-?), a harness maker, married Lucy GREEN, settled in Dunkirk, NY and had children Elizabeth (1835-?) and Harriet (1837-?). Another daughter Maria (1810-1843) apparently died childless.

Listing of Duplisis Nash, wife Nancy and 5 children buried in Peterboro Village Cemetery


The WARD Family
 Heman WARD1 (1789-1854) was one of 6 children of William4 and Susanna DOOLITTLE WARD of Shaftsbury, VT who moved to Manlius, NY in 1793. (see WARD Family Narrative)

As noted above, Heman1 married Rebecca NASH in 1818 and they had 5 sons - Albert (1820-1851), Heman2 (1822-1884), Rivera N.(1828-?), William O. (1831-?) and Henry (1836-1837). Rivera was an inventor, machinist and mathematician who spent most of his life and money on getting patents.  The family was living in Vernon, NY in 1852.

Rebecca NASH WARD died in April of 1853, the same year her son Heman2 married Elizabeth Jane AVERY of Leyden, NY (see Boonville Ledger, July 16, 1853).  Their 1st son Charles Rivera WARD was born in 1854 in Florence, AL where Heman2 was teaching school, probably at the University of North Alabama.  It appears that Heman1 accompanied his son Heman2 to Alabama and died there in 1854.  By 1858 Heman2 and Jane WARD had moved back to NY since William7 A. (1858-1900), Edward Everett (1860-1958) and Clarence Hubert (1871-?) were all born in Boonville, NY a small town north of Utica and west of the Adirondack Forest Preserve.  Charles also had one sister Ryvetta P. (1867-1868).   Jane AVERY (1831-?) was one of 12 children, (the others being Clarissa, Esther, Abigail, Garrett, Jonathan, Emily, James, Mary, Eliza, John and Mila. (see AVERY-PALMER FAMILY NARRATIVE).  Heman2 WARD died in Boonville in 1884, apparently of diphtheria (see Rome Citizen 1884)   Edward WARD married Frances SMITH in Little Falls, NY in 1888 (see Marriages performed by Rev. Samuel Call, 1888-1889) and moved to Washington, DC.  Clarence WARD married Lisette NAILOR of Little Falls around May 4, 1893 and was living in New Jersey in 1910.  Elizabeth Jane AVERY WARD was still living in Boonville when her sister Mila died in 1906.

Charles WARD became a mason/contractor and buildings which are the result of his craftsmanship such as the Masonic Temple and the Erin Library still stand today in the town of Boonville.  He married Amanda LYON in 1882.  

The LYON Family
Amanda LYON's ancestors had been American colonists who first settled in Connecticut then later New York but fled to CANADA after the Revolutionary War because they were United Empire Loyalists or "Tories" who favored the English Crown.  Daniel LYON (1763 (CT)-1854) and 2 other brothers settled in Storrington Township, Frontenac County, Ontario (near Kingston) on lands originally granted to them from the King of England.  Daniel and wife Gift WATSON LYON had 6 children: Philander (1790(NY)-1857) who married Margaret FRIEL (1798-?), Oliver (1791(NY)-1876) who married Elizabeth BUCK (1793-?), Lyman (1795(NY)-?) who married Rebecca WILLIAMS (1798-?), Nancy (1801-1884) who married Samuel AYKROYD (1797-1864), Henry (1808-?) and Seth W.1 (1799(NY)-1868).  

View MAP of FRONTENAC CO., Ontario, Canada

Land petition of Daniel Lyon to Lt. Governor Francis Gore (1811)

In 1823 Seth W. LYON1 married Mary Catherine RANSIER (1801-1887) who was the daughter of Wilhelm (1759-1834) and Elizabeth BABCOCK (1763-?) RANCIER both born in New York. Wilhelm was the son of Andres (1731 (Germany) -1789) and Agnes Franey (1735 (NY) -?) RANTZIR and are noted as being in a family of "Founding German Loyalists" in Ontario.  

Baptismal Records for WILHELM & JOHANNES RANTZIR
Record of RANSIER Family in Berneville, NY

Seth W.1 and Mary Catherine LYON had 8 children, Joanna (1824-1899) who married Cornelius HUGHSON (1818-1900), Elizabeth (1825-1900) who married John W. CAVERLY (1832-1878), Sarah (1829-?) who married Levi LYON, Daniel (1831-1907) who married Jane PAYNE (1833-1908), Rachel (1835-1901) who married Andrew JARDIN (1841-?), C. Rebecca (1844-1926) who married J. Levi HUGHSON (1839-1922), Seth W.2 (1846-1937) who married Charlotte RICHARDS (1848-1939) daughter of John and Charlotte Elizabeth GRIMSBATH (1813-?) RICHARDS, and William (1827-1897) who married Margaret PAYNE (1830-1918) sister of Jane PAYNE, both daughters of Robert and Jane SCOTT PAYNE.

The following death notice appeared in the Christian Advocate on 11/4/1868: Seth W. LYONS was born in New York State and came to Canada as a child with his parents and other family members.  He married Catherine Ransier on 11/22/1823.  He died of cancer in Storrington 8/1/1868 in his 69th year, pre-deceased by 3 children who died in infancy or early youth.  Survived by his wife and 8 children. Read Seth Lyon's Last Will & Testament.

The PAYNE Family
Robert (1795 (NY) -?) and Jane SCOTT (1805 (Scotland) -?) PAYNE had the following children besides Margaret and Jane: Laura (1828-1908) who married Samuel BROWN, John (1832-?) who married Martha BOYCE; Robert (1837-?) who married Ellen JARDINE (1847-?); Mary I. (1839-1912) who married James RICHARDS (1840-1910), brother of Seth LYON's wife Charlotte; Christiana (1841-?) who married James GORDON (1832 (Ireland) -1911) in 1860; David (1843-?) who married Margaret LYON  (1844-?), granddaughter of Philander LYON; and Ambrose (1847-?) who married Matilda ELLIOTT.  

James and Mary PAYNE RICHARDS were married in 1863 and had the following children while living in Canada: John (1863-?), Robert (1866-1884), Samuel Parkin (1868-1937).  They moved to the area around Boonville, NY about 1869 and had at least 2 more children: Emma (1870-1900) who married Henry VanLUVEN (1869-?) and had son James (1892-1956); and daughter Catherine Ruth (1894-1900); Laura Margaret (1876-?) who married Christopher VanLUVEN (brother of Henry; 1876/8-1948).  The VanLUVENs were originally from Canada and emigrated to NY in 1887 and 1896 respectively.  James RICHARDS, Seth LYON and Henry VanLUVEN were all stone masons by trade.  James and MARY PAYNE RICHARDS, their son Robert, daughters Emma and Margaret and granddaughter Catherine Ruth are all buried in the Boonville (NY) Cemetery.

An article in the Boonville Herald on May 8, 1890, pg. 4 says that James Richards was awarded the contract to build the Erwin Library for $8550.  This structure, which Charles Ward worked on and still stands in Boonville today) was completed in 1891.

James and Christiana PAYNE GORDON who remained in Canada had the following children: Isabel (1867-1932), Alice (1868-1947), Sarah (1876-?), James (1881-?), John (1882-1960), Thomas (1885-1929) and Anna (1863-?).  The latter emigrated to NY and married William BRAINARD of Boonville in 1884 then settled in Watertown, NY.  William and Anna GORDON BRAINARD had children May and William (1885-1970).  The latter is buried in the Oakwood Cemetery in Jefferson Co., NY along with his wife Jessie (1888-1943) and daughter Rita Brainard FIRNSTEIN (1916-1973)

Daniel and Jane PAYNE LYON also remained in Canada and had children Mary Jane, William, Johanna, Catherine, Margaret, Matilda, Oliver, Ellen, Florence and Laura. 

View PHOTO of Daniel and Jane PAYNE LYON's TOMBSTONE in Latimer Cemetery, Ontario, Canada

The LYON Family (continued)

William and Margaret PAYNE LYON had 8 children: Charles (1856-?); Laura (1854-1929) who married William SLEETH (1849-?); Johanna (1865-1936) who married William GUMMER (1860-1925) and after his death, Thule CLARKE; Robert (1870-1938) who married Ethel SLACK; Lydia (1868-?) who married Robert SHANNON (1853-?); Lyman (1860-1939) who married Elizabeth HORNING (1863-1899); Elizabeth (1862-?) who married Charles BURT and Amanda, the latter born in Inverary, Ontario in 1858.

William's brother Seth2 moved to New York in 1880 where with his wife Charlotte RICHARDS raised 7 children - Seth Naaman (1879-1962) who married Harriet SPENCER and had children Loretta, Theda, Dewey and Hubert; Edward (1883-?) who married Glennie _____; Anna May (1871-?) who married Charles KRONE and had children Seth & Gilbert; Elizabeth (1873-1970) who married Forrest COURTNEY; Estella (1883-?) who married Francis DuPont and had children Ethel, Francis, Estelle and Edwin; Harriet ( 1892-1982) who married Thur Walter JOHNSON and had children Charlotte, Reginald, G. Frederick and Anna May; and Mary (1889-?) who married Roy FALLON and had children Wally and Seth.  

The following LYON relatives remained in the Kingston/Inverary/Frontenac County/Storrington/Loughborough Townships region of Ontario:  William's sisters Rachel LYON McJARDIN; C. Rebecca LYON HUGHSON who had children Lillie, William, Cornelius, James, Ernest and Walter; Elizabeth Ann LYON CAVERLY who had children Sylvester and Ezra, the latter of whom who married Harriet RICHARDS, daughter of John RICHARDS (brother of Charlotte and James) and Catherine HUGHSON, daughter of Cornelius and Johanna LYON HUGHSON.  

The following siblings of Amanda LYON also remained in Canada: Joanna GUMMER; Laura LYON SLEETH who had children Wallace, Harvey and Ethel; Robert who had children Robert and William; Lydia LYON SHANNON who had daughter Beulah; and Lyman who had children Myrtle (1898-1959), Herbert (1897-1907), Lena (Sarah Ann; 1895-?).  Elizabeth LYON BURT settled in the Boonville, NY area.  (see LYON FAMILY TREE for more info)


Amanda LYON, a music teacher, was asked by her Aunt Charlotte LYON in Boonville to teach her younger cousins. Charles WARD (1854-1904) came to visit Amanda's Uncle Seth LYON, also a contractor, on business which is how the young couple met. Amanda's father William was none too pleased with the idea of his daughter marrying a "Yankee" but eventually came to like his son-in-law and visited the family several times in Boonville.  Charles Ward helped build the Erwin Library and the Masonic Temple in Boonville, NY.

Photos & History of Boonville, NY    

 Charles and Amanda LYON WARD had 3 children - Walter Earl born in 1885 who lived a rich and full life to the age of 78; Pearl Rivetta born in 1887, who died at the early age of 28 from tuberculosis; and Robert, born in 1900 (just 3 years before his father's death in 1904) who would derive much of his upbringing and knowledge of nature and the out-of-doors from his older brother Earl, 15 years his senior. Amanda died in 1934 and Robert in 1959.


- derived from information provided by Mark Ward, son of W. Earl Ward;
Susan Ward Merk, daughter of Robert Ward; Marilyn Foster, descendant of Philander Lyon; Russell Albee, great-grandson of Seth2 W. Lyon; Paul Nance, descendant of William Ward4; and Karen Homer, descendant of Thomas and Margery Baker Nash.


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