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1st Row:
Pete Trinder, Nelson Orts?, Charles Fierle?, Laura Almendinger, Mary Brick, Helen Christian?, unknown, Charles Stadler, Joe Fierle?
2nd Row: unknown, Amelia Schiedel?, Florence Trinder, unknown, Edna Trinder, unknown, unknown, unknown, unknown, unknown
3rd Row: Lillian Ames?, unknown, Grace Staffehl, unknown, Laura Brick, unknown, unknown, Helen Fierle?, Joe Stadler, unknown, Walter Kinn
Some Identifications are based on similarity of some students to those in 1908 photo below.  Other suggestions are welcome.

1st Row:
Joe Fierle, unknown, Mort Ehardt, Charles Fierle, Nelson Orts, Mary Brick, Laura Almendinger, Florence Trinder, Helen Christian, Tillie Heil
2nd Row: Edna Trinder, Jess Held, Barbara Fierle, Amelia Schiedel, unknown, Grace Staffehl, Lillian Ames, unknown, Laura Brick
3rd Row: Orville Thompson, unknown, Henry Brudo, Pete Trinder, unknown, Walter Kinn, unknown, Joe Stadler, Charles Stadler




1st Row:
Carl Kendall, Joe Lentini, Richard Smith, Victor Corff, Clifford Davidson
2nd Row: Bob Barris, Barry Potter, Joe Poppenberg, Tony Malinowski, Ray Hubbard, Chester Malinowski, Reginald Rupp
3rd Row: John Potopchuck, Dolore Heil, Bernice Heiderman, Alice Kendall, Elsie Welsted
4th Row: Celia Rubeck, Norm Davidson, Rita Fierle, Mary Mayer, Mary Joan Hubbard, Winnie Stadler, Miss Cora Townsend, Rita Ryan, Joan Fierle
Read more about this photo here

1st Row: George Fierle, Jack Chose, Carl Kendall, Leslie Trinder, Joe DiOrio, Joe Lentini
2nd Row: Clifford Davidson, Richard Smith, Bob Trinder, Reginald Rupp, Tony Malinowski, Ray Hubbard, Bob Barris, Victor Corff
3rd Row: Dolores Heil, Bud Pickens, Beatrice McNickel, unknown, Elsie Welsted, Ed Smerski, Paul Pettingill
4th Row: Chet Malinowski, Marion Duerkin, Alice Kendall, Winnie Stadler, Rita Ryan, Hazel Morlock, Bernice Heiderman

(Photos contributed by Gary Pericak (son of Winnie Stadler) and Rita Fierle, pictured in 1932-35 photos above and below.)



PRIMARY ROOM - 1933-34
1st Row:
Gene Heil, Don DiOrio, Jim Rubeck, Richard Rierle, Don Dierken
2nd Row: Joe Heiderman, Bob Ryan, Howard Welsted, Jack Goss, Ken Dierken
3rd Row: Alma Stephenson, Helen Potter, Anna Hubbard, Barbara Barris, Rita Malinowski, Gert Welsted, Alice Kendall, Bess Heller, unknown, Mary Ebel, Betty Spittler
4th Row: Miss Arner, Marg Rubeck, Janet Odell, Elizabeth Barris, Dorothy Trinder, Norma Meyn, Corrine Scoones, Betty DiOrio

1st Row: Joe Heiderman, George Fierle, John Dean, Ken Dierken, Carl Kendall, Richard Fierle
2nd Row: Chester Malinowski, Jim Snyder, Bob Hilliard, John Pickens, Lester Trinder, Joe DiOrio
3rd Row: Dolores Heil, Pauline Gretzmier, Barbara Barris, Geraldine Rupp, Mary Ebel, Rita Malinowski
4th Row: Alice Kendall, Bill Columbo, Betty Hoffman, Reginald Rupp, Rita Ryan, Bob Trinder, Hazel Morlock, Paul Pettingel, Elsie Welsted, Victor Corff

(Photos contributed by Gary Pericak (son of Winnie Stadler) and Rita Fierle, pictured in 1932-35 photos above and below.)



UPPER ROOM - 1933-34
1st Row:
Norman Davidson, Barry Potter, Joe Poppenberg, Bob Chase, Roy Ebel, John Sobetzer
2nd Row: Joan Fierle, Rita Fierle, Mary Smerski, Mary Mayer, Celia Rubeck, Lyman Wetter
3rd Row: John Potopchuck, Louise Columbo, Mary Joan Hubbard, Helen Wrigley, Ruth Kendall, Patricia O'Connell, Iva Wrigley, Mr. Wayland Powers

UPPER ROOM - 1934-35
1st Row: Jack Chase, Ed Smerski, Bob Barris, Joe Lentini, Richard Smith, Cifford Davidson
2nd Row: Joe Poppenberg, Bernice Heiderman,
Winnie Stadler, Celia Rubeck, Rita Fierle, Mary Mayer, Joan Fierle, Marion Dierken, Anthony Malinowski
3rd Row: Norman Davidson, Clarabell Smith, Doris Hoffman, Rita Hoffman, Patricia O'Connell, Eunice Smith, Margaret Smith,
Mr. Wayland Powers

(Photos contributed by Gary Pericak (son of Winnie Stadler) and Rita Fierle, pictured in 1932-35 photos above.) 

Class History for years 1927-1936 written by Winifred Stadler Pericak (1922-1961)


Photos from 1953 Yearbook 
(contributed by Stephen Greene, student at LVS 1949-55)

STAFF: Charles Grubb-Custodian; Eleanor Knapp-Dietician; 
Charles Spittler-Bus Driver


Standing: Leona Eckert-Kindergarten; Margaret Malican: 3rd-4th Grade
Seated: Donald Dix: Principal/7th-8th Grade; Patricia Graser: 1st-2nd Grade; 
Joseph Klimschot: 5th-6th Grade

1st Row:
Mr. Donald Dix, John Poppenberg, Anne Gomez, G. Fitzsimmons, B. Schiedel, P. Hoffman
2nd Row: Clyde Millspaugh, E. Gerhard, Paul Dix, Mary Grant, Bobby Almendinger, Connie Keller
3rd Row: Nancy Sikes, Dolores Foster, Sharon Green, J. Greene

1st Row: Mr. Donald Dix, Paul Petek, Roberta Ruddy, Joanie Ziegelhofer, Rose Mastrangelo, L. Smith
2nd Row: Judy Orts, Beverly Dobbs, Donnie Heater, Donnie Cotton
3rd Row: J. Schiedel, J. Fitzsimmons, J. Green, Bill Walker

Lake View PTA-1954

Seated: Mrs. George Argus-Recording Sec.; Alvin Eckert-Treasurer; 
Mrs. Richard Kryder-Vice Pres.
Standing: Mrs. F. Robert Greene-Pres.; Mrs. Clayton Wieder-Corresponding Sec.

Photos from 1954 Yearbook 
(contributed by Stephen Greene, student at LVS 1949-55)

Standing: Margaret Malican: 3rd-4th Grades; Joseph Klimschot: 5th-6th Grades; Lois Hoppe: Art; William Crocoll: Principal/7th-8th Grades
Seated: Patricia Graser: 1st-2nd Grades; Leona Eckert: Kindergarten

Front Row:
Finlay Greene, Billy Gibson, Linda Millspaugh, Bruce Pettingill, Sharon Greene, David Wieder, James Nutter
Back Row: Mr. William Crocoll, James Grubb, Sally Copeland, Judy Wright, Joan Walker, John Henrich

Front Row:
Linda Foster, L. Wightman, John Poppenberg, B. Schiedel, Mary Grant, Robert Almendinger, G. Fitzsimmons
Back Row: Clyde Millspaugh, Connie Keller, Paul Pettingill, Nancy Sikes, J. Greene, Beatrice Morlock, Eleanor Gerhard, Mr. William Crocoll

Read Stephen Greene's article about teachers Joe Klimschot and Peg Malican at LVS

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